Greenwood two-story addition

The homeowners had been wanting to do something to their home for a while, even commissioning architectural plans in advance. They first contacted us about their project more than a year before feeling confident enough about the economy to take the plunge and engage us to build them an 800 sf two-story addition to the back of their home. We also repaired and updated their tired side entry and porch creating a more welcoming feel.

project highlights

  • 800 sf two-story addition
  • new guest bedroom & family room on lower level
  • new dining room, enlarged kitchen, master bedroom & bathroom on main floor
  • soaking tub
  • existing bathroom remodeled with glass block separation wall for toilet
  • arched dining room ceiling & window
  • bump-outs to add exterior interest and interior nooks
  • fir window, door & baseboard trim throughout
  • welcoming side entry
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project Challenges

When possible, we like to work with our clients and their architect in the development of building plans, and this collaboration often creates cost savings. In this case, plans had already been prepared and our clients decided to stick with the plan’s truss construction instead of our suggestion to utilize a ridge beam to tie the new addition in with existing home. During construction it was discovered that the home’s existing roofline had sagged to the extent that trusses were no longer a viable option and plans were revised to incorporate a ridge beam. This caused some delay in construction & additional costs.

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